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Life is beautiful in Muskogee!

Muskogee is a place we are proud to call home. Whether you live, work or just play here, Muskogee is a city with a rich heritage, numerous activities, quality amenities, and a sense of pride and ownership in our city. We have an excellent system of attractive parks throughout the city, including the famous Honor Heights Park where you can enjoy 122 acres of some of the most beautiful flowers and flowering trees in the world. We have become a regional hub for higher education, medical and health services, transportation of goods and retail shopping. We love to share our rich history at our many fine museums as well as through our vibrant public art program sponsored by the Muskogee Arts Council. We’re known throughout the region for our fabulous antique shopping and our historic downtown is a delight.

Community Profile

This burly city sits at the junction of three major rivers that brought Native Americans, explorers, traders and pioneers. Today, those same groups and many others come by way of three major highways. No matter how they got here, these incredibly diverse groups come together to form the unique character of the place we know as Muskogee.

Those same highways make it easy to get around, and get outside. Those great rivers and their lakes lie just beyond the city borders in the foothills of the Ozark mountains. Boating, fishing, hiking, camping, hunting and wildlife watching are just a few of the things Muskogee residents enjoy year-round.

A strong economy and proactive business development is bringing jobs, good housing and retail business growth. Education fuels that growth with a good public school system, Indian Capital Technology Center and several higher education institutions nearby.

Muskogee is becoming known for its attractions with an eccentric twist. The Renaissance Faire in May is one of the country’s biggest. A BBQ and Chili Cook-off, a Mud Volleyball Tournament and a Cardboard Regatta are just a few of the popular annual events in the city. Honor Heights Park and the Veterans Center bring thousands of visitors every year. Residents get to enjoy it all without even having to leave home.

Muskogee is full of genuine characters who have survived some hard times. Together, they make up the rich fabric of this strong Northeast Oklahoma city.


City: 38,776

County: 68,078


Annual Average Temperature: 61

January Average Temperature: 37

July Average Temperature: 82

Annual Rainfall: 40 inches

Annual Snowfall: 7.6 inches

Average Relative Humidity: 66%


Muskogee has a Council/City Manager type of government.

There is a comprehensive city plan and zoning.

Sales Tax: 9.15 %

Full time Firefighters: 100

Fire Stations: 6

Fire Insurance Rating: 4

Law Enforcement Officers: 85

Medical Facilities

Muskogee offers many choices in medical care for the region. Saint Francis Hospital is a 320-bed, two-campus full-service health system serving a seven-county area and employing 870 people. The Jack C. Montgomery Veterans Affairs Medical Center has 50 beds, primary care providers, and outpatient services. Additionally, Muskogee offers 70 MD’s, 8 DO’s, 28 Dentists, 4 Optometrists, 3 Podiatrists, 8 Chiropractors and 4 clinics.

Saint Francis Hospital

Jack C. Montgomery, Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Public Facilities

Number of Parks: 32

Number of Tennis Courts: 13

Number of Swimming Facilities: 6

Number of Theaters: 3

Number of Public Libraries: 1


Fort Gibson Lake

Greenleaf Lake

Tenkiller Lake

Eufaula Lake

Webber’s Falls Lake

Average Hourly Wages

Warehouse/Shipping: 8.04

Custodian: 6.09

Customer Service II: 9.54

Electrician: 11.61

Secretary: 10.22

Inspector: 9.91

Machine Operator: 10.47

Computer Operator: 9.42

Residential Real Estate

Cost of Living Index: 86.6 %

The median home price in Muskogee is $85,200, while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $641.


Muskogee is blessed with many families of faith who worship together. From historic Muskogee churches with beautiful stained glass windows to new and modern facilities, the churches of Muskogee offer worship styles from traditional to contemporary.

Muskogee Churches - JCI PHOTO - Michael W. Bunch

You and your family are welcome to visit and become a part of any of these fine congregations whose view of heaven leads to service on earth.




Muskogee cost of living is 13% less than the national average, Muskogee offers an affordable array of housing options for a new resident.

The average cost of a single-family three-bedroom house is around $80,000, with average rental rates of $750 per month.  Explore our lovely neighborhoods and choose from a variety of styles, including beautiful mansions and luxury homes, brick houses on majestic wooded lots, suburban homes with a Victorian flavor, modest residential homes, and colonials.  If you’re not in the market to buy, you can rent an apartment at one of the many developments throughout town.

To improve the quality of living for our residents, Muskogee is currently undergoing the Neighborhood Redevelopment Program, allowing residents to make improvements to homes located within the original townsite.

The home of your dreams is waiting for you in Muskogee!



Muskogee has many local non-profit groups, sports leagues, social organizations and international civic clubs for citizens to get involved in.

Each group has news, events, projects, fundraisers with volunteer opportunities for citizens and visitors alike.  Please contact your favorite organizations, where you’ll find like-minded enthusiasts eager to share their knowledge and love of the different topics with you.  Club meetings offer opportunities to develop new relationships, learn new things, and make a positive difference in your community.

Enjoy the diverse opportunities that Muskogee has to offer!

Muskogee Organizations




The philosophy of Muskogee Public Schools is to create, support and maintain an environment conducive for educational excellence.

Muskogee Schools

The District’s mission is “Muskogee Public Schools-One Team, One Vision, One Community.” The mission becomes reality when all members of our team are dedicated and share responsibility. Recently, Muskogee Public Schools voters passed a bond issue that provided $8 million toward improving technology in our schools.

Hilldale Public Schools also provides education in Muskogee.  This district’s mission is to create and provide education opportunities, which promote academic excellence in a safe and orderly environment, and to empower all students to succeed in a changing society. In addition, fully accredited private schooling is available at Saint Joseph Elementary School (Pre-K – 8th grade) and Boulevard Christian School (1st – 12th grade).

Muskogee offers secondary and post-secondary technical training at Indian Capital Technology Center.  In addition, a two-year or four-year degree can be earned in Muskogee at Bacone College, a private school, or Connors State College or Northeastern State University, both public schools.

Take advantage of the outstanding educational opportunities that await you in Muskogee!

Muskogee Public Schools –     Click here to take a virtual tour of Muskogee High School

Hilldale Public Schools –

Fort Gibson Public Schools –

Oklahoma School for the Blind –

St. Joseph Catholic School –

Boulevard Christian School –

Indian Capital Technology Center –   Click here to take a virtual tour of Indian Capital Technology Center

Northeastern State University –

Connors State College –

Bacone College –