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Government Relations

The Chamber provides opportunities for members to become informed on legislative issues and proactively supports Muskogee and its business community with the appropriate government entities.


Paul Revere Legislative Affairs

We sponsor local public forums and town hall meetings and serve as the catalyst for proactive community partnerships on matters affecting public policy. The Chamber also monitors state and federal legislative activities on behalf of small business.


State of the City Address

The Chamber coordinates the annual luncheon held in September, featuring the State of the City Address from the Mayor of Muskogee.


Military Affairs Task Force

We have purposed to build relationships between the community and nearby Camp Gruber. The task force realizes that communication is the key to continued growth and support for Camp Gruber and the large economic impact the base has on the surrounding communities, especially Muskogee and Davis Field.


State Chamber Military Affairs Committee

This committee maintains direct communication with the State Chamber of Commerce, supporting their military affairs efforts and the Oklahoma Strategic Planning Commission without duplication. The purpose is to maintain this multi-billion dollar industry in the State of Oklahoma from the US Department of Defense.


Political Forums

The Chamber provides opportunities for candidates for federal, state or local office to speak with the Chamber members regarding their ideas and plans if elected.


Prosperity Project

The Oklahoma Prosperity Project is a partnership between The State Chamber, more than 1,300 leading Oklahoma companies and nearly 100 local chambers of commerce and trade associations. The project is dedicated to helping our workforce “vote smart” on Election Day by educating them on issues that will keep our economy strong.


Oklahoma Mid-Size City Coalition

The Chamber participates in this effort to bring deserved funding for viable and important projects to their member cities through legislative action.


Washington DC Fly-in

The Muskogee Chamber of Commerce participates in meetings with officials in Washington DC about local, state and federal economic issues, organized by the State Chamber or Tulsa Regional Chamber.

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