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This burly city has a rich and varied history. Many cultures have come together over time to create this unique community. Muskogee was established in 1872, but its history goes back much further. Three Rivers — the Arkansas, Grand and Verdigris — were the natural magnet that drew people to this area. The earliest Native Americans here were the Mound Builders. Since then, a wide range of people have poured into this natural trade center from all over the world.

Today, Muskogee is a business-friendly regional center of trade and commerce serving Northeast Oklahoma. It is also home to a diverse group of hard-working people. It is their strong character that gives this Oklahoma community its genuine personality.



City: 38,310

County: 68,078



Annual Average Temperature: 61

January Average Temperature: 37

July Average Temperature: 82

Annual Rainfall: 40 inches

Annual Snowfall: 7.6 inches

Average Relative Humidity: 66%



Muskogee has a Council/City Manager type of government.

There is a comprehensive city plan and zoning.

Sales Tax: 8.75 %

Full time Firefighters: 100

Fire Stations: 6

Fire Insurance Rating: 4

Law Enforcement Officers: 85


Medical Facilities

Muskogee offers many choices in medical care for the region. Eastar Health System is a 320-bed, two-campus full-service health system serving a seven-county area and employing 870 people. The Jack C. Montgomery Veterans Affairs Medical Center has 50 beds, primary care providers, and outpatient services. Additionally, Muskogee offers 70 MD’s, 8 DO’s, 28 Dentists, 4 Optometrists, 3 Podiatrists, 8 Chiropractors and 4 clinics.

Eastar Health System –

Veterans Affairs Medical Center –


Recreational and Social Facilities

Number of Parks: 32

Number of Tennis Courts: 13

Number of Swimming Facilities: 6

Number of Theaters: 3

Number of Public Libraries: 1



Fort Gibson Lake

Greenleaf Lake

Tenkiller Lake

Eufaula Lake

Webber’s Falls Lake


Residential Real Estate

Cost of Living Index: 86.6 %

The average cost of a single 3-bedroom 2000 s.f. home is $80,000 and the average rent for a 3 bedroom, 2000 s.f. home is $650/mo


Average Hourly Wages

Warehouse/Shipping: 8.04

Custodian: 6.09

Customer Service II: 9.54

Electrician: 11.61

Secretary: 10.22 w

Inspector: 9.91

Machine Operator: 10.47

Computer Operator: 9.42


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