The Papilion at Honor Heights Park

The Papilion, open from Mother’s Day through Columbus Day, includes a seasonal teaching garden as well as the Georgia-Pacific Butterfly House.  Tulips fill the garden in April in conjunction with the Azalea Festival.  Throughout summer, the garden boasts a colorful array of flowers which attract native butterflies. The Georgia Pacific Butterfly House is a state-of-the-art enclosure allowing you to walk among free-flying butterflies and discover the amazing world of these glorious insects.

Don’t forget… During the Garden of Lights, Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, visit Winter Skate—an outdoor synthetic ice rink.  Rent your skates in our gift shop.

There are lots of amazing one-of-a-kind items in the gift shop to help you remember your experience at the Papilion. Concessions are also available on site.


Enjoy a beautiful teaching and butterfly garden at the Papilion!

Papilion Caterpillar

A caterpillar awaits turning into a beautiful butterfly at the Papilion.

papilion oklahoma butterfly

The Papilion is Oklahoma’s only butterfly house! Every butterfly at the Papilion is a REAL OKIE!