Partnership Opportunities Program

Download  the Partnership Opportunities Program in PDF format here.

The 2014 Partnership Opportunities Program is the newest way to choose your sponsorships for the upcoming year. This program allows you the opportunity to select the partnerships that best suit your business needs.

Partners are given “First Right of Refusal” (aka first dibs) and the opportunity to renew their sponsorships every September for the upcoming year; as well as the option to “shop first” and participate in new Chamber partnerships.


  • Customize – Customize your marketing budget and strategically use your marketing dollars to best benefit your business.
  • Maximize – Knowing in advance what you are sponsoring allows you to maximize your sponsorship (example: preparing banners, brochures etc.)
  • Choices – Each program, event, and publication offer specific ways to promote your business. Shop them all to choose the right one for you.
  • Visibility – Get your business name in front of over 1400 potential customers numerous times throughout the program.
  • Save Time – The online form saves you time by choosing the best packages for your business once a year.
  • Options – More diverse sponsorship opportunities available ranging from $200 to $10,000.
  • Exclusivity – First Right of Refusal each October.
  • To partner with the Chamber submit your completed Corporate Sponsor Agreement and a Chamber staff member will contact you.

Sponsorships are on a first come first serve basis – confirmation of sponsorship is based upon signed contracts received first.

You will be invoiced 90 days prior to the event or program. If payment is not received by 60 days, your sponsorship will be cancelled. Credit cards are accepted.

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